Changes Report

Release History

3.1.92010-02-12Interim Release
3.1.82009-10-09stretchy rework
3.1.72009-09-11Bugfix release
3.1.62009-07-16Integration Release
3.1.52009-03-20Towards interaction
3.1.42009-01-05Font bugfixes
3.1.32008-09-24More bugfixes
3.1.22008-07-30Bugfix Release
3.1.12008-06-01Second Alpha
3.1.02008-04-04first alpha
3.0.4neverThe unreleased release
3.0.32008-02-20the last one?
3.0.12007-08-31bugfix release
3.0.02007-08-15stable release
2.9.82007-07-05almost there
2.9.72007-05-24split and joined
2.9.62007-04-22Beta-1 for 3.0
2.9.52007-03-29The big bugfix release
2.9.42007-02-26Alpha for 3.0
2.9.32007-02-06First Maven-Based Release

Release 3.1.10 - TBD

updateMoved to Junit 4.8 as test frameworkmaxberger
fixCount only displayable character for Mi auto-italic Fixes 3013554.maxberger
updateUse jsr 308 instead of jcip annotationsmaxberger
updateRewrote JMathComponentUI to be MathComponent-Agnostic, better caching of valuesmaxberger
updateJEuclidView now supports null for GraphicsContextmaxberger
updateJMathComponent#setContent now creates JEuclidDOMmaxberger
addAdded Converter String -> OutputStream convenience method Fixes 3035734. Thanks to Noah_Ready-Campbell.maxberger
fixMathViewer fallback to previous behavior on unsupported elementsmaxberger
addMathViewer now supports real editing with live changesmaxberger
updateMathViewer now requires Java 1.6maxberger

Release 3.1.9 - 2010-02-12

fixWorkaround for NPE in TextLayout()maxberger
addSupport Content Math without namespacemaxberger
addAdded Italian Translation Thanks to Gil.maxberger
addImproved Documentationmaxberger

Release 3.1.8 - 2009-10-09

fixOperator streching now honors symmetricmaxberger
addNew extension for horizontal / vertical stretchmaxberger
fixStretchy behaviour is reworked againmaxberger

Release 3.1.7 - 2009-09-11

fixReworked Token elements to support mglyhp in all cases.maxberger
fixReworked Stretchy operators.maxberger
fixFixed an error in mmultiscript containing whitespace.maxberger
addMathML 3.0 Testsuite is now available on the website.maxberger
addMathML 3.0 Testsuite can now be run internally.maxberger
addBasic SWT Widget is now implemented.maxberger
fixRestored functionality to get null value for attributes. Fixes mfence. Fixes 2833272.maxberger
addBetter support for foreign elements in JEuclid DOM Tree.maxberger

Release 3.1.6 - 2009-07-16

addJEuclidView: add method to get bounds of layouted object.ekuenzel
addProvide Win32 MathViewer executable.maxberger
updateMoved Resources from root namespace into net/sf/jeuclid. Fixes 2782019.maxberger
addInternal DOM Tree is now in the MathML Namespace.maxberger
addjeuclid-core JAR file is now OSGi compatible.maxberger
addMathViewer: Add simple editor.maxberger
updateMathViewer: PropertyPage: use optionName rather than toString for consistency with command line App.maxberger
updateChanged internal JEuclid attributes to use optionName rather than toString for consistency with command line App.maxberger
addFOP: Added support for ImageConverter needed by newer fop.maxberger

Release 3.1.5 - 2009-03-20

fixFixed NPE if mo has no parent. Fixes 2689811.maxberger
fixFont-Cache: repaired support for euler fonts.maxberger
addMathViewer: Add source view.maxberger
addjeuclid-core: Mouse position detection (presentation mathml). Fixes 2600058. Thanks to NeilChittenden.maxberger
fixjeuclid-fop: Workaround for NPE if an image does not exist.maxberger

Release 3.1.4 - 2009-01-05

addAdded Regression tests for testsuite.maxberger
fixRemoved possible NPE in MGlyph handling.maxberger
fixBetter support for font styles.maxberger
fixAdded support for float sized fonts.maxberger
fixFont-Caching and loading is now all done using lower case.maxberger
fixDeclared current branch as stable.maxberger

Release 3.1.3 - 2008-09-24

fixCompatibility fix to work with Saxon.maxberger
fixBug in FOP-Image loader prevented other image loaders to work correctly.maxberger
fixjeuclid-cli: LayoutContext in file-to-dir conversion was ignored. Fixes 2049821.maxberger
fixjeuclid-cli: file to file conversion was broken Fixes 2049821.maxberger

Release 3.1.2 - 2008-07-30

fixjeuclid-fop: fixed null-pointer exception when color is unsetmaxberger
addMml2xx: support multi-file conversionmaxberger
addNow supports "beveled" and "bevelled"maxberger
updateMo needs 2 stages when it is a delimiter Fixes 1981322.maxberger
updateBackground is now painted fully on all pixels to remove artifacts with png / ie Fixes 1998865.maxberger
addFraction lines are no longer drawn when linewith="0" Fixes 1999381.maxberger
addAdded extension to math element to set LayoutContext attributesmaxberger
addFOP plugin: support for font-family from contextmaxberger
updatemathvariant is now inheritedmaxberger

Release 3.1.1 - 2008-06-01

updateBackground color from context was ignoredmaxberger
addJEuclid is now thread safe!maxberger
updatechanged order of font prefernece for a more consistent output.maxberger
addAdded character mapping for Mathematica 4.1 and firefox compatibility. Fixes 1949127.maxberger
addAll singleton instances are now accessed with getInstance().maxberger
addSupport for deprecated mode attribute on math element.maxberger
addSupport Glyph alternatives provided by xmlgraphics.maxberger
updateWhitespace trimming was lost and is now restored.maxberger
addAdded support for Mathematica Fontsmaxberger
addFOP plugin: support for colormaxberger
addFOP plugin: context parameters are now supported in all targets (not just pdf)maxberger
updateClean-up of Element Implementationsmaxberger
addAdded listfonts command-line toolmaxberger
updateXSLT transformation is now done directly into the JEuclid DOM model.maxberger
updatemore compatibility fixes for DOM implementationmaxberger
updatemore compatibility fixes for own DOM modelmaxberger
updatemoved icons out of jeuclid-coremaxberger
updatereplaced own DOM model with standard model from Batikmaxberger
addMade event model DOM compatiblemaxberger
addImprovement for OS X integration of mathviewermaxberger
addRe-organized submodulesmaxberger

Release 3.1.0 - 2008-04-04

addAdded AMSFonts and support for themmaxberger
updateUnicode mapping now searches through all possible fonts.maxberger
addMapping from/to high plane is now done using UnicodeData.txtmaxberger
updatePrecompile operator dictionary for more performance.maxberger
updatePrecompile Content-Math Transformer for more performance.maxberger
updateRewrote OperatorDictonary to make use of standard Java data types.maxberger
addDocumentation for new ant task Fixes 1906976. Thanks to petrprochy.maxberger
removeRemoved ParameterKey.maxberger
addAnt task now supports many layoutcontext parameters Thanks to petrprochy.maxberger
updateUpdated jeuclid-fop for version 0.95. Implemented new XMLGraphics interfaces; added support for fontSize (currently broken on non-pdf)maxberger
updateDefault LayoutContext is now non-mutable. Fixes 1893007.maxberger
updateUse different classloaders Fixes 1885767. Thanks to petrprochy.maxberger
updateFix attributes without namespaces.maxberger
updateFix for missing xinclude supportmaxberger
addNow supports content Math through stylesheet!maxberger
updateRemove Alpha channel from BMP and JPG output. Fixes 1867094.maxberger
updateNow uses all available fonts as symbol catch fonts, to support new types of fontsmaxberger
updateImproved character support from high planemaxberger
addMoved 1.6-dependent code to jeuclid-core16maxberger
addRepaired Batik SVG support, cleaned up triple use of batikmaxberger
updatebetter font caching; full support for STIX, use deja vu and stix in full distributionmaxberger
addSupport for autoloading fonts in jar filesmaxberger
addAdded french translation to MathViewer Thanks to Jean-Francois Maurel.maxberger
removeRemoved old command line parsermaxberger
updateFinished converting Mml2xxx to use commons-cli and new LayoutContext.Parameter. Also implemented copy to clipboard in MathViewer.eric239
updatere-enabled anti-alias rendering hints.maxberger
addAdded ParametersDialog to MathViewer so that all available parameters can be viewed/changed. The dialog auto-generates UI for all the parameterseric239
updateLayoutContext Parameters now encapsulate information suitable for auto-generating cmd line options and UI input dialogseric239
addAdded MFRAC_KEEP_SCRIPTLEVEL LayoutContext.Parametereric239
updateAdded paste-mathml-from-clipboard capability to MathViewereric239
updateLayoutContext.Parameter.ColorTypeWrapper now uses existing AttributesHelper APIs; FreeHEPConverter works (again) but needs further ckeanuperic239
updateDOMBuilder now uses local names for attributes. Fixes 1797232.maxberger
updateosxappbundler now has a released version.maxberger
updateAdditional refactoring of LayoutContext.Parameter; also provided toString(Object) method to comlement fromString(String)eric239
updateLayoutContext.Parameter: refactored valid() and added fromString(String)eric239
updateAdded Frown (U+2322) to the list of horizontal delimiterseric239
updateRemoved author tagsmaxberger
updateMoved MathViewer into own packagemaxberger
updateSupport Cambria Fonts (Win Vista + Office 2007)maxberger
addCompleted Redesignmaxberger
addYet another Layout Redesignmaxberger
updateRemoved potential memory leak from MathComponentUI Thanks to Jean Roland.maxberger
updateupdated fop-plugin for 0.94maxberger
updateremoved EXPERIMENTAL from all docsmaxberger
addAdded support for scriptminsize to layoutcontext; added support for disabling anti-alias below threshold; set default fonts to non-fractional metricsmaxberger
addStarted to work on LayoutTreemaxberger
updateJMathComponent supports Node instead of Document; default document set to simple node for performance reasons.maxberger
updateMathColor is now handled through context; fixed bug in event handling; SAXBuilder Deprecatedmaxberger
updateMathSize is now handled through contextmaxberger
updateAdded conversion do DOM as suggested by Victor Motemaxberger
updateReplaced isChildBlock with LayoutContextmaxberger
updateRemoved MathBase from all Elementsmaxberger
updateLayoutContext is now in RootElementmaxberger
updateSplit LayoutContext into LayoutContext and MutableLayoutContextmaxberger
updateReplaced ParameterKey by LayoutContextmaxberger
updateRemoved OutFileType from RenderingKeymaxberger
updateMade DOM Builder a singletonmaxberger
updateDeprecated old converter APImaxberger
updatefoprep: No uses percentage alignment-adjust instead of absolute baseline-shiftmaxberger

Release 3.0.4 - never

updateBetter drawing of sqrt to fix font-issues in embedded environment. Fixes 1937524. Thanks to Raphael Jolly.maxberger
updateFixed list of symbol catch fonts Fixes 1956099. Thanks to jmclennan.maxberger
updateUpdate after releasemaxberger

Release 3.0.3 - 2008-02-20

updateFix attributes without namespaces.maxberger
updateFix for failure on xinclude feature.maxberger
updateBackported font-search from unstable. Fixes 1854211.maxberger
updateRemove Alpha channel from BMP and JPG output. Fixes 1867094.maxberger
updateUpdate after releasemaxberger

Release 3.0.2 - 2007-12-12

addSupport for Cambria Math (Windows Vista) and STIXGeneral fontsmaxberger
updateImageIOConvert.convert now returns proper height / width. Fixes 1814499.maxberger
updateDOMBuilder now uses local names for attributes. Fixes 1797232.maxberger
updateosxappbundler now has a released version.maxberger
updatefix for mfence with no separatorsmaxberger
updateUndid De-Anti-alias below 10ptmaxberger
updateUpdate after releasemaxberger

Release 3.0.1 - 2007-08-31

updateMathBase now returns only full pixels height; Disabled font-antialiasing below 10pt; turned off fractional metricsmaxberger
updateRemoved potential memory leak from MathComponentUI Thanks to Jean Roland.maxberger
updateupdated fop-plugin for 0.94maxberger
updateremoved EXPERIMENTAL from all docsmaxberger
updateremoved doctype in default document for JMathcomponent for performance reasonsmaxberger
updatefixed setForegroundColor in JMathComponentmaxberger
updateMade sure changeHook is called after element constructionmaxberger

Release 3.0.0 - 2007-08-15

updateJEuclid 3.0 Released!maxberger
updatemerged 408:409 (ClassCastException fix)maxberger
updateupdated for 3.0 branchmaxberger

Release 2.9.8 - 2007-07-05

updateCharConverter: Split into Early (parsing) and late conversion; Used this to keep information on mapped special chars, such as InvisibleTimes Created a safe "createTextLayout" function;maxberger
updateParser: support more Source Types through transformer;maxberger
updatefoprep now has a Source / Result interface; rewrote foprep Main to use it;maxberger
addCreated new Parser API based on JAXP sources;maxberger
updatexxe plugin: converter now checks target file type; xxe plugin: Implemented Vector scaling;maxberger
updatecheckstyle ImportOrder now matches Eclipse Organize importsmaxberger
updatereworked Text handling in DOM model.maxberger
addcreated fo preprocess applicationmaxberger
updateMathMLParserSupport: turned on namespaces, xincludemaxberger
updateFontFactory: cosmetic fixes;maxberger
updateReleased 2.9.7;maxberger

Release 2.9.7 - 2007-05-24

addadded new module: plugin for XXEmaxberger
addcreatead our own m2 repository; enabled fop-plugin to build by defaultmaxberger
updateadded ODF Reader to fop-plugin (requires fix of bug in fop)maxberger
updatefixed a scaling bug in Momaxberger
updateAnti-Alias fix for sun jdk 1.5maxberger
addMathMLParserSupport: Added functionality to parse InputStreams.maxberger
updateRewrote xml-fop to draw directly onto G2D adapter.maxberger
addSwingComponent: support Border property.maxberger
addimplemented all of FreeHEP supported filetypesmaxberger
updaterefactored convert methods to return rendering's dimensions; original Converter still returns boolean.eric239
updateModified Converter (the new one) and MathMLParserSupport to take Node instead of Document consistent with DOMBuilder's capabilities.eric239
updaterefactored new Converter, ConverterPlugin and its concrete implementations to accept OutputStream instead of Fileeric239
updatefinished rework of mmultiscriptsmaxberger
updateminor refactoring in MathViewermaxberger
updatemore cleanups on jeuclid-fopmaxberger
updateseveral minor changes to fix compliance with spec in Mi, Mfenced, space handling, AbstractSubSuper.maxberger
updateminor refactoring of FontFactoryeric239
updatebetter implementation for width of text elements.maxberger
updateimplemented non-overlap for sub/super elements.maxberger
addintroduced FontFactory and changed MathVariant & Mglyph to use iteric239
updaterepaired property setting in swing component.maxberger
updatefixed maction to only display selected content, as per spec.maxberger
updatere-merged most modules, added "minimal" modulemaxberger
addadded first draft of SWF output through FreeHEPmaxberger
updateRe-wrote converter API again, inspired by Eric's changes.maxberger
addAdded method to re-serialize the MathML DOM tree to a Stringmaxberger
updateGenerated W3C DOM model from Spec; This added documentation and exposed a few inconsistencies in the DOM model as available from the webpage.maxberger
updateDocumentElement not implements DisplayableNodemaxberger
updatecomplete rewrite of menclose; update of root to scale bar;maxberger
updateStringUtil: cleaned up; better mapping for high plane chars; added mapping for most high-plane chars;maxberger
updateJEuclidElementFactory: is now Map-based;maxberger
addadded an implementation for MathMLNodeList; more cleanups for mmultiscripts;maxberger
addrefactored Script element support; added new class AbstractScriptElement; started cleanup of Mmultiscriptsmaxberger
addAdded support for the "none" elementmaxberger
addcreated class ScriptSupport; Moved Sub/Super baselineshift calculation there, reworked calucation to center sub/supers.maxberger
updateDefense: Checkstyle fixes; added package.html for AWT, Swing Component;maxberger
updateFindBug fixes in MathBase, SaxBuilder, AbstractPartialElementIml, AbstractPartialNodeImpl, AbstractUnderOver, Mn, AttributesHelper, MathVariant;maxberger
updaterenamed modules for compatiblity with continuummaxberger
addimported fop classes from fop, modified to compile with current jeuclid;maxberger
addstarted work on fop-modulemaxberger
updatePartialTextImpl: JavaDoc fixesmaxberger
updateconverter: checkstyle and documentation fixes.maxberger
addrefactored converter, static calls should use net.sourceforge.jeuclid.ConverterTool instead of net.sourceforge.jeuclid.Converter. The converter detects if batik is in the classpath, if yes then it instantiates the SVG able converter otherwise fails back to the default one.eputrycz
addimplemented CommandLineParser (moved out of mml2xxx) MathViewer now accepts command line argumentsmaxberger
updateAWT componet test is now a proper test;maxberger
updateadded dashboard reportmaxberger
updaterepaired website; contains ugly hack in menus;maxberger
updaterepeared checkstyle; added proguard configuration (disabled because it saves only approx. 0.5%)maxberger
updateSplit up the main JEuclid into many smaller components, this is work in progress; Fixes 1710627.maxberger
updateProper support for serialization of DOM Tree (needed for swing component's content property); Fixes 1710738.maxberger
updateImproved documentation on source webpagemaxberger
updateDOMBuilder now supports building from Document, DocumentFragment, Element Thanks to Ernest Mishkin.maxberger
updateImproved get/setFont compatiblity in Swing Componentmaxberger
addadded readme for build.xml Fixes 1706016.maxberger
updateAdded mapping UnderBar to OverBar; Fixes 1707586.maxberger
updatepom: updated dependency for appassembler, updated assemble descriptors;maxberger
updateMathBase now returns a size >= 1x1 Fixes 1710738.maxberger
updateMo: Changed list of horizontal delimiters; added fix for potential division by zero; Fixes 1707586.maxberger
updateremoved extra spacing around operators with pre / postscripts; created constant for "0";maxberger
updatecreated constants for "true" and "false"maxberger
addAdded support function for default line thickness, to support scaling lines along with the font size; used it in mtable and mfrac;maxberger
addstarted to work on desriptor for source distribution, which also supplies ant build.xml file Fixes 1706016.maxberger
updateChanged default rendering params;maxberger
updateUpdated webstart config settings;maxberger
updateMml2xxx now prints more information in case of failure;maxberger
addReleased 2.9.6; updated website; re-rendered testsuitemaxberger

Release 2.9.6 - 2007-04-22

updateDOMAttributeMap, Mtable, Mstyle, SAXAttributeMap, AbstractJEuclidElement: checkstyle fixes;maxberger
addrefactored mtext into abstract classes; implemented mglyph element; All MathML 2.0 presentation tokens are now supported!maxberger
addimplemented merror; implemented (empty) support for maction;maxberger
updateversion tag is now forced for classes; Major refactoring; almost everything has moved and been renamed; THIS BREAKS the API!maxberger
updatereduced value for non-accent under/over elements; MathRoot: Reduced size for index; MathOperator: fixed logic for movable limits; MathStyle: implemented displaystyle property; Added logic to properly center munver/mover elements; Added support for misspelled "movablelimits"maxberger
updateMathText: better support for text containing spaces at the end; MathText: better support for characters which extend to the left; MathOperator: now uses the same width-calculation as MathText;maxberger
addMathviewer: added toggle for debug; JMathComponent: fix handling of debug flag;maxberger
updateInternal coordinates are now all float. THIS BREAKS THE API!maxberger
updateDOMMathBuilder: Checkstyle fixes;maxberger
updateAbstractMathElement: changed whitespace handling, now only trivial spaces are collapsedmaxberger
updateDOMMathBuilder: small performance tuning;maxberger
updateMathUnder/Over: Common functionality merged; cleaned up;maxberger
updateMathUnder/Over: started to merge some common functionality;maxberger
updateAttributesHelper: checkstyle fixes;maxberger
updateMathOperator: restored proper support for horizontal stretching; AttributesHelper: Checkstyle fixes;maxberger
updateadded DejaVu Sans to list of symbolcatchfonts. (needed for char 20D7); changed mapping for old openoffice vector char; added notes for OpenOffice; updated FAQmaxberger
updatepom.xml: removed dependency on particular surefire version; enabled DOM test for mpadded;maxberger
addBasic implementation of mpadded;maxberger
updateMathMultiScripts: Checkstyle fixes; modified checkstyle configuration (disabled todo items);maxberger
updateupdated roadmapmaxberger
addReleased 2.9.5; updated website;maxberger

Release 2.9.5 - 2007-03-29

addmtable: now supports w3c dom model; this was the last one! Fixes 1532309.maxberger
addmunderover, munder, mover: moved to DOM interface, prepared for cleanup; enabled all DOM test cases;maxberger
updateMathTable: preparations for move to w3c dom;maxberger
removeremoved eventElementComplete (obsolete through changeHook());maxberger
fixremoved several PMD errorsmaxberger
addAdded ChangeTrackingInterface; moperator now properly registeres with parent; removed eventAllElementsComplete (obsolete through changeHook());maxberger
addmtable: implemented rowlines and columnlines attributes Fixes 1686545.maxberger
updateRewrote change management (still needs more work); added pmd plugin to reportmaxberger
updateCompletely rewrote MathOperator; WARNING: Some things may now behave differently;maxberger
fixConverter: fixed convert(File,File,String)maxberger
updateyet another font-list change;maxberger
updateadded more symbol catch fonts;maxberger
fixsub/super: shift values modified again (still not happy with it, but it looks better now;maxberger
fixMathText: Better verson of getAscent / getDescent;maxberger
fixAttributesHelper: Removed unnecessary dependency on java 1.6maxberger
updatevarious random checkstyle fixes;maxberger
fixSAXMathBuilder: DocumentElement was not not set to MathBase. Thanks to Martin Holz.maxberger
updatepom.xml: updated to newer version of assembly-plugin (proper file permissions)maxberger
fixFixed height calculation and submiddleshift in msub and msubsupmaxberger
updateusage.apt: added description for OpenSymbolmaxberger
updateBetter default list of "symbol catch fonts"maxberger
updateJMathComponent: better documentation; ParameterKey: better documentationmaxberger
updateminor JavaDoc updates; added Lucida Grande to list of sans fonts; Website Font install updates;maxberger
addStringUtil: Proper mappings for script and double-struck;maxberger
re-arranged default font lists again;maxberger
addJMathComponent: added setFont() for compatibility; JMathComponent: added get/set horizontal/vertical Alignment;maxberger
fixJMathComponent: default font is serif, documentation updated;maxberger
updateYet another bug in text width. I hope it's fixed now.maxberger
updateTextbased layouts (mi, mtext) now use width instead of advance for width, to better support italic fontsmaxberger
updateJMathComponent: Background is now for the whole component, not just for the formula; BeanDescriptor: Updated Background, added Opaque;maxberger
updaterewrote color parsing in AttributesHelper (mostly copied from fop, but I was the one who submitted the patch there in the first place :) ); made sure JMathComponent properly handles null color and colors with alpha value.maxberger
updateJMathComponentBeanInfo: Short description for fonts;maxberger
updateeven more fonts into default listsmaxberger
updatemore fonts into default listsmaxberger
addJMathComponent: Bean access to font list parametersmaxberger
addParamters: Extra parameters for font lists.maxberger
updatemml2xxx: output default values for parametersmaxberger
fixMathOperator, MathElement: Now uses first char instead of 'A' for font-test;maxberger
updateConverter: changed convert funtion to take File,File,Map Mml2xxx: made more generic: Autodetect of target mimeType; support for all renderingparams; Re-rendered testsuite on white background, disabled all-namesmaxberger
fixMathTable: fixed height calculation due to rounding errorsmaxberger
updateusage.apt: instructions how to use in mvn-based projectsmaxberger
fixBackground color is only painted when actually set or on root elementmaxberger
fixpom.xml: set explizit versions of appbundler and appassembler to make use of current bugfixes, such as directory bug in mml2xxxmaxberger
updateStringUtil: Better support for other fonts.maxberger
addJMathComponent: Override get/setForeground, get/setBackground to properly set rendering params. JMathComponentBeanInfo: Added properties background, foregroundmaxberger
addadded rendering params for foreground, background colormaxberger
updateColorParsing is moved to AttributesHelper, rewritten using hashmap, added addtl colors "transparent", ""maxberger
addadded getLayout function to MathText Thanks to Tomas Studva.maxberger
updateadded some more default fonts for monospaces, serif, and sans-serif, particularly support for DejaVu, Lucida, Bitstream Vera, Arial Unicode MS; DejaVu fonts are now the default (if available)maxberger
updateSlightly changed behaviour of renderingParamsmaxberger
addMathMultiScripts: Started to implement MathMLMultiScriptsElementmaxberger
fixMathSup: Fix in position of supermaxberger
fixMathSup, MathSubSup: Now has better handling for size / position of super element.maxberger
updateCompletely rewritten AttributesHelper for unitconversion.maxberger
updateupdated FAQ for supported imageformats.maxberger
fixadded file mode for executable files for osx and distributionmaxberger
fixFileModes in packages where wrong due to
addMathVariant: checkstyle fixes, added FontFamily enummaxberger
updateMathDocumentElement: removed createListOfChildren, merged into ElementListSupportmaxberger
fixAbstractRootElement: getAscentHeight now delivers a more realistic height;maxberger
removew3ctestsuite removed, as it is extracted onto the sitemaxberger
addRewrote / Externalized AboutDialog in MathViewermaxberger
updateMathText: replaced round(+0.5) with ceil; Checkstyle: removed indentation check (done by eclipse) AbtractMathElement: Checkstyle fixes; MathOperator: Checkstyle fixesmaxberger
fixMathOperator/getWidth behaved differently in different situations Fixes 1669974.maxberger
addlink to webstart app from website; added warning to webstart page Fixes 1669767.maxberger
addConfiguration and template for maven-webstart-plugin; Please note: requires a current SVN checkout of this plugin, but fortunately only if actually used; Deployed MathViewer as JNLP Fixes 1669767.maxberger
updateLICENSE renamed to LICENSE.txt for repository bundle compatibilitymaxberger
updaterenamed OS X app to "JEuclid MathViewer"; website / documentation updatesmaxberger
addadded assemble descriptor for OSX package, created new OSX package (ending in -osx)maxberger
addReleased 2.9.4maxberger

Release 2.9.4 - 2007-02-26

addMathViewer now has Anti-Alias menu entrymaxberger
updateMathViewer now uses current rendering attributes for exportmaxberger
addMathRoot, MathSqrt now implement MathMLRadicand; MathSub, MathSubSup, MathSup now implement MathMLScriptElementmaxberger
updateBetter description for source on website; pom.xml updated for proper sf serversmaxberger
addMathSpace now implementes MathMLSpaceElement; MathString now implemente MathMLStringLitElement; Added AbstractRootElement; rewrote MathRoot and MathSqrt to implement AbstractRootElement;maxberger
addAbstractMathElementWithSubSuper added; MathMultiScript: extends AbstractMathElementWithSubSuper; MathSub: extends AbstractMathElementWithSubSuper; MathSubSup: extends AbstractMathElementWithSubSuper; MathSup: extends AbstractMathElementWithSubSuper; Moved DY to AbstractMathElementWithSubSuper, renamed to DEFAULT_SCRIPTSHIFT; MathSub, MathSup, MathSubSup: Modified to use generic getMiddleShift functions; MathStyle: now implements MathMLStyleElement;maxberger
addMathTableData implements MathMLTableCellElement; MathTableRow implement MathMLTableRowElement; MathLabeledTableRow implements MathMLLabeledRowElement; MathMathElement: removed debug; checkstyle fixes; MathMultiScripts: checkstyle fixes; AttributesHelper: default unit is now pixels;maxberger
addPartialTextImpl to DOM modelmaxberger
addJMathComponent: added getContent(); WARNING: Does not work completely yet!maxberger
addwebsite updated: added logo, source page, fixed typosmaxberger
updateMathViewer: error message if convert failedmaxberger
addMathViewer: export menu item; export codemaxberger
addConverter: rewrote getSuffixForMimeType; Converter: added getMimeTypeForSuffix; ConverterTest: added test for suffix/mimeType handlingmaxberger
addMathViewer split up into MathViewer and MainFramemaxberger
updateJEuclid OS X logo updated.maxberger
addAdded new icons for JEuclid, activated the icons for BeanInfo; Thanks to Lars-Peter Fritzsche.maxberger
updateOperatorDictionary: checkstyle fixesmaxberger is no longer neededmaxberger
addadded testcase for svg conversion; pom.xml: added some provided dependencies, such as XML apis; pom.xml: dependency to commons-logging-api instead of commons-loggingmaxberger
fixmaven checkstyle is too old, temporaily disabled trailing comment checkmaxberger
addproper translation to MathViewer, support for $$ comments, added german translation to MathViewermaxberger
updatepom.xml: groupId set to net.sf.jeuclidmaxberger
updatepom.xml: Use maven-changes-plugin instead of mojo changes plugin because its newermaxberger
addMathViewer: Prepared for localizationmaxberger
addMathTableData: refactored for move to MathMLTableCellElement (still incomplete)maxberger
addMathTableRow: moved ATTR_ constants to MathTablemaxberger
addMathTableRow: started to refactor to support MathMLTableRowElement, not complete yetmaxberger
addAbstractMathElement: Alignment constants; MathFrac: use thosemaxberger
updateMathPhantom, MathPreScripts, MathRow, MathSpace, MathString: Checkstyle fixes.maxberger
addAbstractMathElement: support for default attributes; modified MathFenced, MathIdentifier, MathFrac, MathOperator to use those.maxberger
updateAbstractMathElement: CheckStyle fixes, attrs made into constantsmaxberger
addAbstractDOMImpl: implemented getAttributes, getLocalName, getNamespaceURI, getNodeValue, getNextSibling, getNodeType, getXmlVersion, getXmlStandalone, getXmlEncoding; XML Transformer can now produce output, however, text nodes are still missingmaxberger
updateMathViewer: About window changed, disabled on OS Xmaxberger
updatedistribution.xml: added LICENSE, NOTICEmaxberger
fixpom.xml: Ensure appbundler can be foundmaxberger
addMathSemantics implements MathMLSemantics; MathNumber checkstyle cleanups; MathTableRow: checkstyle cleanups; AbstractPartialNodeImpl: implemented hasChildNodes;maxberger
addadded setMathElement function, rewrote Frac to use it; added testCase; implemented replaceChild;maxberger
addpom.xml: configuration to create proper manifest in jar filemaxberger
removeremoved obsolete build.xml filemaxberger
updatedevelopers in pom.xml; jvmVersion for OS X bundlemaxberger
fixStringUtil: Checkstyle Fixes; AttributesHelper: few Checkstyle fixes; ResourceEntityResolver: Checkstyle fixes;maxberger
addAbstractMathElementWithChildren now implements MathMLPresentationContainermaxberger
updateMathViewer: cleanups.maxberger
addMathFrac now implements MathMLFractionElement; MathIdentifier, MathText now implement MathMLPresentationTokenmaxberger
addDOMModelTest: Created tests for all interfaces.maxberger
updateMathComponentTest: formatting changesmaxberger
addMathAlignGroup implements MathMLAlignGroupElement; MathAlignMark implements MathMLAlignMarkElement; MathAnnotation implements MathMLAnnotationElement; MathEnclose implements MathMLEncloseElement; MathFenced: Checkstyle cleanups;maxberger
fixJMathComponentBeanInfo: jeulid.png is in /maxberger
fixCheckstyle Config now works properly in Eclipse and Mavenmaxberger
addsupport for assembly plugin, added to package phasemaxberger
updatepom.xml: now calls appassembler, appbundler for packagemaxberger
addConfiguration, icon, and JavaApplicationStub for OS X buildmaxberger
updaterefactored all externally used methods from AbstractMathElement into new Interface MathElementmaxberger
fixJMathComponentBeanInfo, MathMLParserSupport, Checkstyle fixes; Exlpicitly disabled checkstyle for tests; moved all tests into test package; enabled checkstyle for eclipse (requires eclipse to be started from project dir, bugreport in progress)maxberger
addJMathComponentBeanInfo Thanks to Matthias Hanisch.maxberger
addJMathComponent can now set content from given MathML String.maxberger
updateODFSupport renamed to MathMLParserSupport; Moved methods for parsing from String there; refactored Tests to use that methodmaxberger
fixMathDocumentElement: checkstyle fixes; IllegalToken removed from Checkstyle errorsmaxberger
updateMoved project to Subversionmaxberger
addjeuclid-users mailing listmaxberger
addW3C Testsuite to site, snapshot of generated elements.maxberger
updateAbstractMathElement: eventInitSpecificAttributes renamed to setMathAttributes()maxberger
updateMatOperator: moved parameter calculation into eventElementCompletemaxberger
updateAbstactMathElementWithDelegate: now overrides eventElementComplete instead of eventInitSpecificAttributesmaxberger
updateDOMMathBuilder now uses MathElementFactory; MathElementFactory updated to support all elements; SAXMathBuilder attribute handling improved; SAXMathBuilder: properly send eventElementCompletemaxberger
fixODFSupport does not throw ZIP errors anymore; Parser logs warning and errors instead of terminatingmaxberger
addDOMModelTest: moved to test package; implemented tests for mathOperatormaxberger
addAbstractPartialNodeImpl: getLastChild implemented.maxberger
addLarger and smaller font to MathViewer.maxberger
updateAnti-Alias moved to MathBase, made into parametermaxberger
updateReplaced all occurrences of Graphics with Graphics2D: This is what is actually used/needed anyways.maxberger
updateMathBase: removed deprecated constructor; made Debug a Parametermaxberger
addrefactored element creation from SAXMathBuilder into MathElementFactory.maxberger
fixMore CheckStyle fixes: MathOperator, MathTable, MathViewer; MathViewer: Added accellerator for quit.maxberger
fixCheckstyle fixes: Converter, ODFSupport, StringUtil, DictionaryException, ElementListSupport, AbstractRowLikeElement, AbstractMathElementWithChildren, AbstractMathContainer, MathAlignGroup, MathDocumentElement, DOMBuilder, MathBase, Mml2xxx, MathComponent, MathMLConverter, MathSubSup, MathSup, MathLabeledTableRowmaxberger
addconfigured log4j for tests properly.maxberger
updatecheckstyle settings to better match priorities (javadoc and license is now error)maxberger
fixdevelopers on websitemaxberger
addroadmap to websitemaxberger
fixpom.xml was missing a release information; usage.apt now has proper links to sf releases; index.apt updatedmaxberger

Release 2.9.3 - 2007-02-06

fixDOM Tree now contains a DocumentNode AND a Math node. MathRow is now an MathMLPresentationContainer. Fixes 1649912.maxberger
updateAbstractMathElementWithChildren now uses ElementListSupportmaxberger
addIntroduced ElementListSupport and moved functions from AbstractElementWithDelegates theremaxberger
addrefactored AbstractMathElementWithChildren into AbstractRowLikeElementmaxberger
batik dependency to 1.6-1maxberger
MathMLConverter ANT task to use Util.Convertermaxberger
removeremoved ant tasks dependent on old fopmaxberger
addAnnounced Logo Contest on webpagemaxberger
fixReplaced images on website with ones generated on Mac (look better)maxberger
updateSplit webpage into several pagesmaxberger
fixpom.xml: jeuclid mailing list is jeuclid-devel; added taglist pluginmaxberger
fixrefactored AbstractMathElementWithDelegate to AbstractMathElementWithDelegates, changed internal workings. MathFenced: reworked to work with new AbstractMathElementWithDelegatesmaxberger
fixMathBase: removed obsolete debug outputmaxberger
fixpom.xml: removed depencies on SNAPSHOT versionsmaxberger
fixversion to 2.9.3-SNAPSHOT in pom.xml and changes.xmlmaxberger
addrefactored PartialNodeImpl into AbstractPartialDocumentImpl, AbstractPartialElementImpl, AbstractPartialNodeImpl and ChangeTrackingElement to AbstractChangeTrackingElementmaxberger
fixfixed link to issue management in pom.xmlmaxberger
addrefactored util.Converter class into util.Converter and app.Mml2xxxmaxberger
fixfixed appassembler target in pom.xmlmaxberger
removeremoved docs, libs, build.xmlmaxberger
removeremoved unnecessary checkstyle tests: empty lines, org/*, StrictDuplicatemaxberger
addcreating app-scripts in pom.xmlmaxberger
addDevelopers in pom.xmlmaxberger
addJEuclid menu to websitemaxberger
fixScreenshots on website are now ok.maxberger
addadded checkstyle to pom.xmlmaxberger
addcreated changelog.xmlmaxberger
updateolder changes can be found in the CHANGELOG file.maxberger