The JEuclid FOP plug-in is tightly integrated with FOP development, it will therefore only work with specific versions of FOP. For this version you need:

  • FOP 0.95beta or 0.95

Actual installation

Copy the these files into your fop's lib/ directory

  • jeuclid-core-x.x.x.jar
  • jeuclid-fop-x.x.x.jar

If you have downloaded the full JEuclid distribution, these files can be found in the repo/ sub-directory.

That's it! Enjoy MathML support in FOP.

Installation in Ubuntu

If you use the prepacked version of fop from Ubuntu, the following procedure is known to work:

  • copy jeuclids jars to /usr/share/java
  • create links from jeuclid-fop-x.x.x.jar to jeuclid-fop.jar, same for -core.
  • add the line find_jars jeuclid-core jeuclid-fop to /usr/bin/fop

This method requires modification of directories which are in the care of your distribution. If you know a better method, please let us know!

Other Distributions

Other distributions may provide the fop jars in a different fashion. If you have detailed installation instructions, please let us know.


External MathML Documents

External Documents may be referenced using <fo:external-graphic>. Both ODF and plain MathML formulas are supported.

There is (per design choice) no support for the .fo context when a MathML document is referenced as an external graphic.

Inline MathML Documents

Inline MathML is supported through the <fo:instream-foreign-object> tag. The actual math content must use the "" name space.

MathML specified inline will take the following attributes from the surrounding .fo context:

  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Background color
  • Name of the fonts used.

    Please note: The names of the fonts from the context are used to display the "normal" mathvariant. In the case of FOPs default, this uses a sans-serif font, whereas the MathML specification suggests to use a serif font. If you wish to override this behavior, please specify a sans-serif font in the font-family for the instream-foreign-object.

Example Document

An example document is available (in the JEuclid-fop distribution) in the example/ sub-directory.