Supported MathML versions

JEuclid has built-in support for:

You may load either an XML file (.xml, .mml) or an OpenDocument Formula file (.odf) directly in all JEuclid applications.

Supported Java Versions

Supported and tested are:

  • Sun JDK / JRE 1.5 / 1.6 Win+Linux
  • Apple JDK / JRE 1.5 / 1.6 (OS X)

Known not to work are:

  • OpenJDK / IcedTea 1.6.0-b11 (and possible other versions) Stretched operators are rendered in a position which is too high This bug is fixed in some distributions of b12 (such as Fedora 10), and probably in all distributions of b13.

Font problems

Which fonts are available to JEuclid

JEuclid 3.1.1 introduced a "listfonts" commands. Please run it to show a list of available fonts.

Under- or over brace not shown

MathML defines these are characters from the CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) set. Please install Asian font support in your OS. On Debian-based systems, the "AR PL KaitiM Big5" font (package ttf-arphic-bkai00mp) is known to work.

Script, Fraktur, or Double-Struck fonts are not working

This means that no font supporting these is available to JEuclid.

  • Please run "mml2xxx" to see a list of known fonts which are supported by JEuclid
  • If your font is on that list, check if JEuclid knows about it (run listfonts). If not, install the font properly in your OS
  • If your font is missing on the list, please open up an issue.
  • If your using the FOP plugin AND your font is in the list AND listfonts shows its available, you may have a problem related to classloading. This problem is fixed in xmlgraphics-commons >= 1.3.1

Available image formats

What output image types are supported?

This depends on the version of Java you are using. All image types supported by ImageIO are supported in JEuclid by default.

Additional Image plugins will be picked up from the classpath. The full distribution includes FreeHEP and Batik.

  • JPEG (always)
  • PNG (always)
  • BMP (always)
  • WBMP (always)
  • GIF ( > JDK 1.6, or with FreepHEP)
  • SVG (with Batik)
  • EMF (with FreeHep)
  • PDF (with FreeHep)
  • PS (with FreeHep)
  • SWF (with FreeHep)

How can I add support for more image types?

By adding any ImageIO compatible plugin to your classpath. An example is