Content Math

Content Math support is based on an XSLT transformation script. Although this script is now integrated into JEuclid, it has its own homepage at:

At this point the content math support is to be considered preliminary. Therefore feature wishes and bug fixes are greatly appreciated!

Please note that content math only works if your document is in the MathML namespace. Declaring the DTD is not sufficient!

Hacking Content Math

Content MathML depends on an XSL Transformation Script which transforms content MathML into presentation MathML. You can download the current version from the JEuclid Source repository. Alternatively, you may try the following link:

Once you have the script, please use it to manually transform your content MathML to presentation MathML. You can use xsltproc on Unix/Linux systems, or Apache Xalan on all Java platforms.

Make your modifications, test them manually, and submit a patch to the Content Math Tracker (see link above). Please Note: In many cases, the exact representation of content MathML is subjective. If your modifications are something you "prefer", then please a parameter for it! If it is something that you are sure everyone wants (because it is missing or breaks semantics), feel free to just patch the affected area.

Passing parameters to the transformation

Is still unsupported, due to the lack of a good idea on how to support it. It will likely be similar to the standard JEuclid extensions.